Nine women change their way of life due to an unexpted suggestion brought to them by their friend Meg.   This Meg Novel is ON BEING OF AN AGE  and the Ladies of Lavender Landing find in each other the courage to take hold of every sometimes questionable opportunity and find a completely different future when they thought they had lived their lives to the fullest measure possible.   They prove that the existence of connections of mutual support lives in the hearts of those who believe in the innate goodness of people and can help those who may not.   And then, there’s CC.

FINAL HEIST by Jennifer Jacobs Peters

Jenna Morgan has just lost her parents in a car accident and they have left everything, inlcuding the family business to Jake, her estranged brother.   When she seeks out an old family friend, Billy Manning, to help her track down her missing brother, Billy is undercover working for a jewel thief.    In FINAL HEIST their two worlds collide and when Jenna learns the truth about Jake and Billy, she has to choose between family loyalties and losing the only man she has ever loved.


CAT CHASE by Jennifer Jacobs Peters

He’s a cop.   She’s a call girl and thief.

What do they have in common?  They’re after the same killer.   CAT CHASE reveals a past and present that includes murder, a corrupt judge, dirty lawyers, the mafia, and the betrayal of a best friend.

Let the chase begin.


MEG & CHARLIE by Joan Marsan-Murphine

Meg, Mitchell, Charlie, David and Alexander.

MEG & CHARLIE is  segacious tale of beginnings, endings and a special second chance, told by one woman and four exceptional men spanning more than fifty-seven years.


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